Nepal Education Fund

Today we visited Simpani and High Mount School.  At this school we have 43 children attending and in the photo below 3 were absent although I saw two of them later.  This is the only school where we have so many NEF children sponsored.  It makes it very easy for us and the principal, Tol Prasad, is always in touch with us.  All the children seem to do well here also.  Tomorrow we are going back there to meet with all the parents and see the children again.  Then we will visit some of the homes.  Next week we also have a dental camp planned for Simpani.

We also visited Daumaya and her children.  Daumaya is the lady that had the cancer last year and had to be away from her children for about six months.  She is looking so much better and the children were definitely happier with their mother home.  A kind donor paid for her medical treatment and so saved her life and the children have their mother back.  Last November Bob and I decided she had to have a bigger room and asked the landlord what she could do.  There was a store room that was much larger than the tiny room they were living in so it was cleaned out and is a much better living space for them.  It really was great to see this family together again and their mother looking well.  This time last year we just felt despair for them.   When I visited her in the Cancer Hospital a year ago she was in a very bad way.  
I am having trouble posting photos here as there seems to be no way to resize them on this iPad so I am just going to leave them the way they are or I will drive myself crazy trying to fix it.

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