Nepal Education Fund

We have been back in Kathmandu now 3 days and have visited quite a few children. It is very different here from Pokhara. Our children are very spread out and it is much more difficult. I have also been shopping for Nepali handicrafts to bring home for the charity.
I have delivered all gifts and cards etc. The children really enjoy them. I saw Pradip and Parmila this morning, they were among the first ten children that we ever sponsored. They were quite small then and now are young adults.
We find Kathmandu so much more chaotic and noisy than Pokhara. There it is so much more peaceful. I have also been continuing with language classes and gradually I am able to converse more. Tomorrow we are going shopping for science equipment for the Pokhara school.
The day after we left Simpani 16 women came to the school there to see me. They wanted me to start a literacy program a little way away in a very poor river community. We will think about this for the spring.
We have three days left here before leaving for India.

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