Nepal Education Fund

Today finally things were back to normal, no strike or holiday and taxis were back to their regular prices.  We went to Simpani and visited with about 40 children at High Mount school.  They were all doing very well.  They all seem to grow so much between my visits that it is hard to recognize some.
There was only one problem and that was with a little boy named Manu.  They are so poor that they do not have enough money for food so he has been going to the temple and stealing the offerings, rupees and bits of rice so they can eat.  His mother has very deformed hands due to being burned and they are not usable so she cannot work and has no husband.  The grandmother does some spinning to pay the rent.  Manu is very likeable and has a happy personality and is regular at school everyday.

Susma who we sponsored last year as she has no parents and had come from the village to stay with a relative, had jumped two classes from UKG to class 2 in one year and was still getting 98 percent.  She is eight and had had very little schooling in the village.
It was good to see so many of the children.  We also paid a visit to the government school and donated a science book to the science lab there

Today everyone was very excited about the election results and it was the main topic of conversation.
The Congress party are well in the lead although final results will not be known for a few days due to the remoteness of the country.  I hope the result will bring peace to the country and an end to the ongoing strikes.  What everyone wants most is a constitution and hopefully they will get it.
I do not seem to be able to post photos tonight so will try again in the morning.

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