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The family of Pradip, Sandeep, Parmila and Prabu were the second family I sponsored back in 2005.  They have had many hardships and setbacks over the years.  The father is not often around which is a good thing as he is drunk most of the time.  Pradip, our success story, as we saved him from drugs and the street. He is now in second year college.  Sandeep left school and home and was living on the street and diving in the river at the cremation site to find gold teeth and jewellery which might have been missed before the body was cremated.  He has been back at home and school for at least three years now and is starting class ten.  Parmila and brother Prabu are also doing well. Pradip keeps the family going by working at a warehouse every day from 11 am to 8 pm earning $60 per month and he goes to college from 6 am to 10 am.  He loves to play his guitar.  I am so proud of this family.  If I want to make myself feel good I come to visit this family and then I can see and feel that NEF and our sponsors have made a huge difference.  I wonder what would have become of this family if we had not been there for them.  Pradip has been a role model for his brothers and sister, they are all admirable young people.  Pradip has a maturity beyond his years and a dedication to provide for his family, he is a kind and sensitive young man.  I know every year I write about him and I will continue to because he is a shining example of what NEF is all about.  Prabu missing from the picture as he was taking an exam.

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  1. Isn't it interesting that college classes are so early in the morning and that students then do another 8 hours work. Western students rarely start the day that early.

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