Nepal Education Fund

Sabitri our blind university student

Sushant another blind student in class 8

Sabitri has been with us 3 or 4 years now and she is in 2nd university BA course.  She speaks excellent English which she taught herself by listening to BBC radio.  She has a scholarship so her sponsor pays for books, supplies, uniform etc. 
Sushant has been with us about six years and is also an excellent student.  He is in a boarding school that teaches blind children but integrates them with seeing eye children.  Both these students work in braille.  Sushant’s home is in the village of Hattiban where this photo was taken.  He is quiet spoken and a very nice young man.  He has some very limited vision.  This year he lost about a month of school because he was in the hospital having more surgery on his eyes.

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