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Hello everyone.

The political situation here is worsening again. In the two weeks that I have been here there have been 3 strike days and this one is two days in a row now. I hope it is not going to go on all week. When there is a strike you can go nowhere. This is why I had to get on with matching children right away, as in Nepal one never knows when there is going to be a major shut down. There have been many demonstrations also.

We moved this morning and fortunately Jagat found us a vehicle as there are none on the roads. It was a bit of a panic as we thought we were going to have to get porters and carry everything. Now it is chaotic at the new house so I thought I would step out and catch up on some e-mailing. There are still many problems with people getting shot and police still getting beaten up. This they call “Peace”??. It seems a bit like Iraq where there will never be peace as we know it. People say to me “ahhh…. this time you come and there is peace” and I just smile back…. best not to tell them what I think.So when I will get back to work I do not know.

My new room at the house is the best one with an attached toilet, shower and little balcony. It has a western toilet which is always a disaster in Nepal. They never work properly and the seats are always missing as is this one. They are better to stick to the sqat type that they know best. Anyway it is a big improvement over my ‘little blue bucket’. I think they will all be happy (Pictured on the right) in the new place although the kids look a little done in today. They all worked very hard. They want to go back to school and of course cannot because of the strike.

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