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Namaste everyone.

Just a quick email to let you know that we signed for the nice house this morning for a period of two years. It is the best I could do as I did not want to move out of this area because of the children’s school. Hopefully we can move in, in a couple of weeks time.I will check regarding getting a post office box for letters and such. I have been a bit sick for a couple of days due to the usual stomach upset problem. Food sometimes does not agree with me very well. Houses around here are still expensive in comparison with home. It sounds like $300 is a lot of money but what would we pay to rent a 6 bedroom house? For Nepalis this is a huge amount of money and I guess that is why the families I sponsor live in tiny little rooms with corrugated tin roofs etc. I was surprised too at what we are having to pay but anything less was pretty horrible.

I will email you photos of the house when we move in, in a week to ten days time. It has six bedrooms and it is quite grand, Nepali style with gold around the ceilings and a nice portico and walled perimetre. It has a big kitchen and a dinning room and sitting room. Very different from where we are now. I am quite excited about it. I Will let you know when I have worked out the costs and feasabilty. I think we can make this work. I have visited four families today so I am tired. More later.
Namaste…Love Susan

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