Nepal Education Fund

Khim Maya


Our women’s literacy program is doing well.  Some of the women starting this session have been in the program for three years and others are just starting.  They all enjoy not only the instruction but also the comadradrie they get from being with other women.  Most of these women’s lives are quite isolating.  They often live away from their families who are back in the village and their time is spent working and looking after the family so it leaves little time for socializing.  Coming to class for one hour every day is a break for them and also they love to learn.  I always find them to be a delight and enjoying visiting with them.  Matching and photographing them all takes a long time as sometimes not every woman is there every day.  Sometimes family illness or other problems means that they miss some days and this is more than understandable.  Most of them have written letters to their sponsors and these are written from the heart. 

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