Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we visited the women’s literacy program in Simpani for the second time this week.  There were many new women all wanting to start and many of the original group.  A new lady of 74 was starting and our grandmother, Shree Ram Pun, 68 years old, is now nearing the end of her third year in the class.  In the begining she told me she was too old to learn to read but now she is one of the longest attending students.  As usual they showed their gratitude with many flowers and keta scarves. 
The new handicraft program we wanted to start with about ten students we cannot start for another five months as we found out that the material, a type of grass, is seasonal and only available to be purchased during the summer season so we will have to wait on this. 

Literacy Ladies

Shree Ram Pun

This is still a great program and the women love it and it provides them not only education but a social outlet also.

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