Nepal Education Fund

Well it was a wonderful day with our 23 women all receiving medals and certificates. They were so excited and it was very special. Some of the older women I thought would not finish not only did but want to continue. The principal made it a very nice ceremony with flowers, tea and cookies and an award for myself, Bob and Mann. Not necessary but very much appreciated. Many photos were taken, everyone wanted their pictures taken with us. It all lasted about two hours and I think it was a special day for all of us. I am so very proud of them. I had one award to give out and was going to give it to the lady with the best attendance but there was 3 who had only missed one day so I had to change it and give it to the highest achiever and that was a lady named Januka. I now belive that some of these ladies could go a long way maybe even get their class 10 exam. Now they are continuing and are going to start learning English. I told them that I had fallen down on my promise to keep studying Nepali at home because I had been so busy telling everyone at home about them and raising money for this program that I had no time left to learn Nepali but maybe next time they could speak to me in English. They all laughed at this. I told them how their sponsors at home thought so much of them and felt a spiritual link to them

We are now starting another beginner class so will have two classes running. The teacher wishes to teach both classes. She seemed to have a special relationship with the ladies.

We have 15 of these women sponsored now so 8 must feel left out. I hoping to have them all sponsored so let us see what we can do. $10 per month brings this much joy and hope to an otherwise illiterate woman. We are making a huge difference here and it feels very good. They have sure proven their worth. Our thanks also to Mann all has done such a great organizing and monitering this program.

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