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Photos: Literacy Women’s Group, Our oldest student Ram Shree Pun age 64 and Khim Maya Chantrelle blessing her sewing machine. I love these women.

Today I met all the women interested in the literacy program. We had arranged a meeting this morning and 18 women showed up. We talked to them about the program, took group photos and an individual photo of each lady. I think they felt very important especially when I told them I was going to put the photo on the internet and it could be seen all over the world. About three of the older women had sons working in the middle east and they wanted to know how they would be able to see it. I told them that I was very proud of them and wished them all luck. They were very happy and they start school in about three weeks after the school holiday. I told them I would try and get them each a sponsor.

We bought two sewing machines yesterday which eventually be used in our sewing program but for now they are with the two ladies who took the sewing course. They were just so happy. Today when I stopped by at one of their homes she was down on the floor measuring and mending a garment. This lady lost her little five year old daughter last September and of course was so sad but now she seems to have such hope and is so happy with her sewing and now the literacy program.

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  1. Bless you, Susan, and the wonderful work you and your partners are doing in Nepal. You are saving the world, one sewing machine, one school book, one student at a time. THANK YOU!!

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