Nepal Education Fund

How peaceful it is here.  Yesterday it rained most of the day but this morning dawned bright and sunny.  We went for a walk up the hill, everything is always up here, to the oldest temple in Nepal.  The views were beautiful.  I was near here, at Nargarcot, when I first came to Nepal in 2001 with my daughter, and this takes me back to that first time.  This was the Nepal I first fell in love with. The yoga and meditation is so healing for me along with the spirituality of this place and the quiet.  Sometimes we need time to refresh and re energize and I am glad I have taken the time for this.  It will be hard to leave but now I will just enjoy the day.  Everyone keeps commentating on my advanced age so I had this photo taken with a 72 year old man we met on the toad this morning.  Funny that I never ever thought I was old until people kept telling me I am.  I always thought age was a state of mind.

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